Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Toodles YSL, Hellooo NYX

I am very partial to my YSL red lipstick. I like the richness, how smoothly it goes on and how dang cute the gold case it (which totally doubles as a mirror in a pinch). However, just because I'm happily married to the YSL lipstick, doesn't mean I'm not constantly looking for say...a replacement. I may have found one. While browsing Ulta for gifts for others, I came across the perfect gift for myself. This NYX lip cream (applied like a gloss, looks and stays like a lipstick) is the ultimate and is under $5. This particular shade, Spicy (duh), is so sassy. Idiot-proof red lips for $25 less...genius.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Extensions Caught My Eyes

Is this real life? Sign me up. I need eyelash extensions. If MJ from Shahs of Sunset gets them done all the time, who is to say that I don't need these done on the reg as well? I'll keep you posted on this obsession.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Most Glamorous of Gifts

When this book is laying on your desk as a gift from a coworker, your day is made. I can't wait to read this, cover to cover.

Back to Basics with Braids

If you are like me and always running late in the morning, braids and buns can be your best friends. When I wake up with crazy bed head or am in a rush, I always opt for a bun. Every now and then, I spice it up with a french braid, framing my face. It's such an elementary skill but always gets me compliments. If you are taking your hair stylist's advice and trying not to wash your hair daily, this is a great way to wear second day hair. Keeping your hair healthy and rock a new style...check and check. 

Spikes with Sass

When I first picked up this shirt to show to my girlfriend, I was laughing at how ridiculous I thought it was. Then, I slowly started obsessing over how ridiculous it was but also how fabulous it was. These spikes add a new twist to 80's shoulder pads. Yes, they are a little Lady Gaga but that's how I like things. The spikes are an accessory all their own. 

Nothing Better than Butter

You know you have a true friend when they read your blog and take notes on what you might want for your birthday. Thank you, Christen for my Lips and Tips gifts! This nail polish is the ultimate color for Christmas...the perfect mixture of holiday red and sparkle! The lipgloss is equally as festive and pretty (more bold in person). You better believe I will be sporting this gloss and polish to our company Christmas party. 'Tis the season for the prettiest lips and tips. Available at Nordstrom, Ulta and more!

Prime It, Conceal It, Work It

If you have never used Benefit's Boi-ing concealer, well then, are missing out. It's one of those makeup basics that is worth the money. A thicker paste than some cheapies, this concealer camouflages your flaws from under-eye circles to blemishes. This 2-in-1 compact I recently purchased also contains Benefit's Lemon Aid...the ultimate color-correcting eyelid primer. With this primer, you can count on your eyeshadow showing up more true to color and staying on all day/night. Find this combo at Ulta. 

Ferocious Furniture

Loud and trendy accessories don't have to be limited to jewelry, makeup and purses...add a splash of fun to your home decor as well with a fun piece like this cow print chair. My friend, Christen, just added this chair to her living room and it's a great complement to her red love seat and couch. Add a punch of print to your home!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Totally Twiggy

If you have ever watched America's Next Top, you have seen old pics of Twiggy from back in her first modeling day. I want to have these extreme bottom lashes. They are so striking and different. The mocha or smokey shadow under the lashes makes more of a pop and adds definition. Keep your lips simple with nudes and light pinks to keep the attention where it belongs...those luscious lashes. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Glam in Green

Everyone needs a motorcycle why not have one that is just enough different to be fabulous? This gorgeous green quilted leather moto jacket is perfection. Toss it on over a feminine dress for an edgier look or with jeans and a white shirt for something more classic. Heels or boots. Bun or wild curls. The sky is the limit. Love to love it...and just as an extra kicker, it's on sale. You are welcome.