Friday, July 8, 2016

Serum Series: Vitamin C

Over the years, I have been guilty of riding the waves of numerous fads...BB creams, blue mascara, glitter eyeshadow, Noxzema (remember that?) get the picture.

However, I have finally found a new obsession that will not only stick but will leave me thanking myself years from now. I have stopped being lazy about my skincare regime and started making the investment in preventing my potential future saggy and wrinkly face.

I can say, with some certainty, I will be a bag of bones and wrinkles if I don't actively start working towards some type of preventative anti-aging movement. 28 years of sun exposure and several of those years living in Florida equals bad new bears.

Lately, I've noticed my concealer gets caught in my fines lines under and around my eyes. I blamed it solely on my concealer. So, back to Sephora I went...numerous concealers later and I had to face the facts. My skin has lost a bit of elasticity around my eyes.

So, naturally I started frantically Googling what my favorite celebrities are doing to make their skin look like they just hopped out of the fountain of youth. I mean, is Jen Aniston 21 or 41? No one would know. So, after probably 75 different articles and interviews read, I knew I had to add to existing routine some Vitamin C (and other come in future posts).

I'm not trying to just think something is going to do miracles for me and waste money and then in a month from now notice that the bottle has collected dust. This is the new "anti-clutter" Kacey speaking, of course. Plus, when I step into the skincare aisles of Sephora, I'm overwhelmed by the immediate over-stimulation of what seems like millions of products and price tags that I'd have to hide from my husband (oh yeah, forgot to mention... I got married).

So, let me make this simple for you. If you don't have Vitamin C in your current face product rotation, step up your game. Here's we age, our body's collagen breaks down and the collagen production minimizes. This is where the the devil's work (wrinkles) come in. Vitamin C serums pack their biggest punch by increasing the production of collagen, which means increasing your skin's elasticity. And boom, we are fighting wrinkles before they start OR helping to decrease wrinkles that have already formed.

If you're like me, you enjoy researching a gazillion products before making a purchase. I like to make sure I'm getting a good product at the right price. I won't overspend just for a certain brand name. It HAS to work. So, on to Amazon I went after scouring Sephora's site. Along came Eve Hansen products. I'd, personally, never heard of this brand but with hundreds upon hundreds of reviews, I felt confident giving it a whirl. For a 2 ounce bottle of Vitamin C, you're looking at a price tag over under $18 on Amazon. Compare this to the $60-$80 you could be spending elsewhere.

Bottom can't argue with the science. This product is 100% vegan, fights free-radical damage, sun damage (YES!), improves pigmentation issues, improves skin tone AND texture and is good for all skin types. A few drops massaged and patted into your skin twice a day!

Call me when you're 65 and you can thank me then.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Need a reason to ease up on the drinking? I'll give you five.

Ok, so college is over. Didn't get the memo? I'm not surprised.

I am a rare breed. I have nearly quit drinking alcohol entirely. It is a rare occasion that I'll let my hair down and have a glass of champagne (or maybe a tequila shot, depending on my crew at the time). I have a list of reasons I nearly eliminated booze from my diet but easily say it was one of my better choices.

Here are the top five reasons laying off the booze is great...

1. You sleep better - and not the dead-to-the-world drunken sleep.
2. You notice a reduction in stomach fat (after a month of sober living)
3. Your risk of mouth, liver and breast cancer reduces (WHAT?!)
4. You'll quit throwing so much money down the drain (think about it...$30 at a happy hour three times a week....around $5000 a year...that's a lot of shoes and rent)
5. You'll quit having to experience the mind-numbing 3-day hangovers (because let's face're not 22 anymore and invincible and Pam from finance is starting to worry that you're always face-down on the desk trying not to throw up).

With that said, cheers to tomorrow being Friday!


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Look for Less

I love these metallic J.Crew criss cross sandals for summer but not interested in paying just around $75 for them. I want the look...but for less. Forever 21 is an overwhelming place but every now and then you'll find a gem. These sandals above in gold are less than $20 and come in several different color options, including white, black and the gold. Go get yourself some, girls!

Best Boyfriend Borrows

Since my fiance and I live together, there are twice the amount of products in our bathroom. I've ended up trying some of his products, whether that was because I ran out of my own or because I am a product junkie and needed to know if I liked them.

Above is the lotion that Eric received as a little bonus in his Easter basket and it's safe to say, I'm obsessed. It's not greasy but after I apply, I can visibly tell how moisturized my skin is. This lotion smells AMAZING. It has a distinct "man scent" but it's not over powering.

This is my new favorite lotion. My ultimate daily product. Below are more products I've borrowed from him that now I use as regularly as he does!
I buy fiance's shampoo so that in case of emergency, I can use it if I run out of my own. I bought this Aussie Men Daily 2-in-1 shampoo (plus conditioner) and ended up using it with every wash of my own hair. Since it has conditioner added, it made my hair extra soft. Not to mention, the scent is AH-MAZING! 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Fashion Find of the Day - On Sale!

So, it's technically spring outside but today I had a coat on and my nose was running so it's safe to say we aren't in the clear yet, Chicago...With that in mind, it is still time to be transitioning into spring trends and soon - summer!!I find this dress, from ASOS, is the perfect transition piece. Plus, it's on sale for $35! Wear it with a leather jacket to give it a little edge, a white blazer, a denim jacket for daytime or a white long sleeve under the dress for a work day. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Current Faves

We buy something new to give it a whirl. We instantly love it or hate it and have immediate buyer's remorse. Here are a few products I've tried over the last few months and I've decided are keepers!
Starting from top left, this is a mauve lip liner (pictured is from Urban Decay but my favorite is from The Body Shop - color: Clover). I use this shade to line my lips before applying my nude lipstick or nude lipgloss. It makes ALL the difference.
Next up, this Essie polish (in my top 3 shades of polish). This color, Fifth Avenue was first purchased for me by my now fiance and I recently had to restock because I use so often (winter AND summer). It's the ultimate red...not too blue...not too orange.
Next, my favorite shade of blue for summertime. This royal blue (by Sinful Colors --$2 at drugstores) looks so amazing on tan skin and is vibrant!
Erase Paste by Benefit is just my type of concealer. It's thick enough to hide my zombie-like dark circles but doesn't look cakey. Plus, a little bit goes a long way with this product so restocking is at a minimum.
This Revlon Colorburst Lip Stain stick was a surprisingly great product. I, for some reason, wasn't loving the idea but am so impressed. It has a refreshing mint flavor and the thick pencil helps with precision. Stays on all day - perfect for summer!
This Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow palette is a product perfect for any skin tone and all year round. I use the top two on a daily basis and add in the bottom two for evening! It's neutral enough to be paired with any lipstick shade!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Our First Fashion Blogger Crush: Chapter 2

Everyone's first fashion blogger crush has her own line now. Does this mean we will all look as fly as her if we throw on this donut tank? We can dream...we can dream. Shop the options here! Sincerely Jules, we love you!

Planning a Getaway?

Spring is here and it's finally getting warm enough for perhaps a....weekend getaway? I'd like to think so. I always stress about what to wear on a weekend trip so if you're like me, maybe give the above outfit a go (or your version of it). This particular outfit was made to stay on the low end of a budget. 

These boyfriend jeans are $17...yes, $17 on - woo! The backpack (since I've been seeing them everywhere) is from Target and totally affordable...not to mention - SUPER practical. These leopard print flats are basically a neutral..AMIRIGHT? Plus, they are under $25. This top, by Enza Costa, could be replicated by basically any store. This would be the perfect $10 tee from H&M in my experience. 

Voila - cute, casual and comfortable! Road trip, here you come!

Monday, March 2, 2015

This Little Light of Mine

While my living room has a variety of colors, my guest room and master bedroom aren't so lucky. I'm a victim of the belief in all white bedrooms. But can you really just have white from floor to ceiling without feeling like you're in a sterile hospital room? I think not. You need some splashes of color here and there to give the room some life, per say. Here is a gentle way to introduce that color - a lamp with both white AND another hue. Find yours at HomeGoods! Shop on, sisters. 

Everyday Eclectic

My gal pal, Kaitlin, was coming to town so it was time for a deep clean on our apartment. And when it's clean, we take a photo because it seems like a rare treat! This photo highlights my favorite room in our home - the living room. I am not someone who uses brown in my home (the wall paint color came with the apartment - I probably would have done two tons of grey). I love our mix of patterns, colors and textures. It's truly eclectic in here - a little bit of everything...just the way I like it. Looks like Zella approves, too.